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When you finally lay down to sleep after a long day, your body wants to feel completely at ease. You want to melt into your mattress and drift off into dreams. But lumps and bumps in an old mattress or an overly firm mattress may lead to less melting and more tossing and turning.

buy mattress topper

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Like its polyurethane cousin, latex memory foam also molds to fit your body and adds comfort to your mattress. However, a latex topper is less likely to cause you sweaty, sleepless nights since there are microscopic perforations throughout the latex mattress topper that allow heat to escape. This gives you the same level of support as a memory foam mattress but without the uncomfortable heat.

The Casper Foam Mattress Topper is made from three layers of foam with a poly-blend cover. This adds three inches of height, comfort, and support to your mattress at a fraction of the price of a brand new mattress.

Often the least expensive, toppers made of a poly-blend fiberfill are also the least comfortable and supportive. These have clusters of fiber inside to provide minimal cushioning on top of your mattress.

Memory foam mattress toppers are rated by their level of density. A topper with a greater density rating is more supportive than one with a lower rating. The rating system of topper density ranges from:4

Mattress toppers rest on top of your existing mattress. Thus, you need to make sure you purchase the correct size to prevent the topper from slipping while you sleep. Mattress toppers are generally available in:

Crafting your ideal sleep environment starts with your bed. A mattress topper can cover up mattress deficiencies and keep you cool while you sleep. The best mattress topper for you depends on your slumber needs. If you want both support and comfort, a three-inch topper like the Casper Foam Mattress Topper is an excellent choice.

If you toss and turn because your mattress is too firm, adding a topper could help you sleep better. After 40 hours of research, and sleeping for more than 300 hours on 17 different models, we found four of the best mattress toppers made with memory-foam (for cushioning that hugs the body), latex (for springier support), and fiber-fill (for just a touch of softness) to make your bed more comfortable.

Lastly, if you have a hard time falling asleep or you wake with a crick in your neck, you may actually need a new pillow. This can be a much less expensive fix than buying a new mattress topper or mattress so start there.

We looked at best-selling and highly rated toppers from retailers like Amazon, The Company Store, Cuddledown, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, and Target and ended up with a list of 90. We narrowed those down by focusing on popular models that received lots of positive owner reviews and met our above criteria, settling on 17 models for testing: seven polyester-filled, seven memory foam, two feather, three wool, one latex.

We examined each for quality of construction, and we noted any odors (some particularly smelly memory-foam toppers needed several days to air out before sleeping on them). We tried each on a queen-size mattress to check the fit and to see if a fitted sheet would go on over the topper and mattress. With the sheet in place, we rolled around on each topper to gauge how much cushioning it offered, how well it stayed put, and how much volume it lost after our tossing and turning.

After eliminating toppers that felt uncomfortable, fit poorly, and/or had lingering odors, we slept at least two nights on each of the finalists to determine how comfortable they were to use. We layered each one on a firm, three-year-old, innerspring Gold Bond mattress. Though no one mattress topper will work for everyone, we looked for models that would provide an experience like that of sleeping on a good-quality hotel mattress.

We used to recommend the DreamFoam 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper and Red Nomad Ultra Premium Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper, but when we reordered two new toppers to test in 2018, both came out of the bag with horrible odors. We aired them out in a spare bedroom with an open window for at least three days, and the smell persisted. Many owners complain about this issue in reviews on Amazon, as well. Beyond the odor, we also felt that these toppers were less supportive and comfortable than the Tempur-Pedic or Malouf in the brief time we could stand to try them. They seem to be since discontinued.

The Lucid 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper felt unsupportive on our lower backs, and quickly cratered out within minutes of laying on it. It was almost like laying on a worn-out hammock-mattress.

The Red Nomad 2-Inch Ultra Premium Visco Elastic (non-gel) topper was virtually identical to its gel sibling and we selected the Red Nomad gel for further testing primarily to contrast it with the DreamFoam gel (both of these were too stinky to stand in 2018).

Instead of baffle or sewn-through boxes, the Pacific Coast Quilt Top Featherbed has vertical channels sewn along the length of the topper, which allow feathers to pool at either end. The texture of this topper felt soft at first, but quickly flattened out, and the feathers sounded crunchy when we laid on them.

Simba needs no introduction in the mattress topper world. Combining the same foam and springs that made its hybrid mattress so popular in our mattress test, unsurprisingly this topper breezed through testing, where our in-house team said it was "extremely comfortable and easy to fit" on top of the mattress.

When it came to the panel, they reported the topper provided plenty of "extra comfort", while also holding the testers' bodies level. They even went as far to say it felt like they "had a whole new mattress". Another plus is that it can fit back in its box, unlike the brand's mattresses which expand once unboxed, so if you need to store it, it's possible to do so.

For premium comfort at an affordable price, this Silentnight number should be your go-to mattress topper. The hypoallergenic design should keep sneezing at bay too, and our panel, who tested it during a heatwave, said they slept soundly without overheating. In fact, most said it improved the quality of their sleep and made drifting off easier.

If you love keeping snug in bed, but don't want a huge (and often heavy) winter duvet or the addition of an electric blanket, this topper will be for you. Not only did it make our testers' beds comfier, but it doesn't use energy, cleverly self-heating thanks to its heat reflecting foil and thermal lining. In fact, it adds a whopping 7.5 togs of extra warmth to the bed.

Testers found it nicely cosy and praised the filling's even distribution. It's on the softer side though, so may not suit if you need firmer support. But, it's hypoallergenic, folds easily for storage in the summer, and best yet, this affordable topper is machine washable, too.

Are you after that lying on a cloud-like feeling? Dusk has created just that with its clever two tiered topper that has a top section full of goose down and a bottom layer made up of fluffy feathers to ensure the "supreme" comfort its name claims. Our panel confirmed its snugness, praising its pleasingly even distribution of feathers.

It's light to move around, and even comes with a handy storage bag. Our testers also noted that it fits almost perfectly over the bed, with just a little of the mattress peeking out. But considering its plush softness, it goes without saying this isn't for those who need more support.

Testers found it "very comfortable" with "good support" while also noting how well made it was. When it came to smoothness, there weren't any lumps or bumps lurking either. It fits the mattress very well and doesn't have any hangover, but its lack of straps makes it less secure.

Slumber sneeze-free with this deep-filled mattress topper. The hypoallergenic design rolls up easily making storage straightforward but it's spot clean only. And while it was generally comfortable to lie on, the filling was lumpy in places and the size came up slightly small (but the straps made securing it easy).

Luxuriate in this feather-filled mattress topper, which pleased panellists for its comfortable design that moulded to the body with just the right amount of sinking in. It fitted mattresses like a glove, too, although longer straps would have helped add extra security in some instances.

Hannah is our senior homes writer, specialising in reviewing the latest kitchen appliances, cleaning products, mattresses and bedding, and crafting equipment. Hannah has written about hundreds of products, from air fryers to smoothie makers to pillows, and is committed to finding the most reliable and best value for money buys.

Here at, we test all mattress toppers featured on our review pages in-house. Our extensive testing process ensures our product recommendations for toppers are as accurate as possible.

Common topper materials include memory foam, latex, down and feathers, down alternative fibers, and wool. Our team has tested a wide range of toppers with varying firmness levels, materials, and profiles. We evaluated performance areas such as overall quality and durability, pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality. Our sleep expert team consists of people with different body types and primary sleep positions to ensure our picks represent the experiences of most sleepers.

To learn more about our best mattress topper selections, you'll find detailed product profiles below. We awarded a unique accolade to each topper that reflects why it stands out from the competition. First-time topper buyers can also find additional information further down the page, where we cover common topper materials and designs, pros and cons of different topper types, how using a topper will change your mattress, and how much you can expect to pay for a new one. 041b061a72

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