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Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards

Alien Shooter 3: A Thrilling and Addictive Shooter Game for PC

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Download Alien Shooter 3 Full Version For Pc

Download Zip:

  • You get 10 exciting missions

  • 2 playable characters and 9 unique weapons

  • 6 types of monsters

  • 4 implants and bonuses

  • Unlimited survive playtime

  • 3 high quality music and ambient

  • Download this full version PC game today!

With the Leopold and its unwanted attachment breaching thesurface of an imposing ice planet, you have only a few hours towade your way through flooded corridors and locate the origin ofthe threat that has so far laid waste to your once proud spaceship. For the first time Conrad can venture outside of the ship inthe breathtaking hull walk set pieces, and for those trigger-happyshooter fans there are vicious new enemies to fight, including theElectro-Shocker alien and the awe-inspiring final bosses. Newarmaments are also available in Descent, with the Electro-Link gunallowing for shockingly good crowd control whilst the formidableProject X weapon will tear through anything in its path.

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