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ABOUT Age Of Empires IV

The idea for the partnership came about more than two years ago when UArizona's Kara Aquilano Forney, executive director of corporate initiatives and business development for Arizona Online, connected with Will McCahill, business lead at Microsoft's World's Edge game studio.

ABOUT Age of Empires IV

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"The Age of Empires franchise has been building a community of history enthusiasts since its inception. With our latest installment, Age of Empires IV, the teams at World's Edge and Relic decided to double down on what we call 'humanized history,' where we allow players to live out real historical events through gameplay," McCahill said. "University partnership wasn't our initial goal, but the first time I played the campaign, it sparked a 20-plus-minute conversation about the Normans with our narrative designer. I realized we needed to get this in the hands of students, and Kara and the U of A history team were critical partners in bringing that vision to life. I'm excited and I think students will be pleasantly surprised by this unique approach to learning history."

I will guide you to finding the best historical sources to tell your own story of these events and provide workshops to show you how to create engaging StoryMaps. Best of all, you will produce your own Hands-on-History videos on topics of your choice to accompany your StoryMaps. The best way to learn anything is by doing it and then teaching others about it. This is your chance to learn and teach about things you are passionate about, just like the Hands-on-History videos in the game! You can share this research not only with me and your classmates, but also with family, friends, and even potential employers.

p.s. While you are waiting for the course to start, you can check out some of my favorite medieval resources to learn more about the history in Age of Empires IV. I will add more resources to this website so please check back for updates.

Parents need to know that Age of Empires IV is a real-time strategy game for Windows PC. It provides players with the choice to play as one of eight powerful medieval empires, including the English, French, Holy Roman Empire, Chinese, Mongols, Delhi Sultanate, Abbasid Dynasty, and Russians. Each of these empires -- including key figures and conflicts within them -- is depicted according to commonly accepted historical understanding, and unlockable content including well-produced documentary videos and concise descriptive text further explore the leaders, locations, and technologies of the time. In addition to its educational value, this game also promotes socialization in the form of friendly competitive and cooperative play in multiplayer skirmishes. Regardless of mode, play is focused largely on collecting valuable resources of the time, such as stone, gold, wood, and wheat, and using them to build towns, forts, soldiers, and siege equipment. Battles are shown from a bird's eye view, with lots of clanging steel and cries of pain but no blood or gore. Defeated soldiers simply fall and slowly disappear.

Families can talk about screen time. Age of Empires IV sessions can range from a campaign battle that lasts just 10 or 15 minutes to multiplayer matches that become hours-long stalemates, so how do you break the news to fellow players when you need to leave an ongoing game?

The buildings are much more detailed and look wonderful both when under construction as tiny villager silhouettes dash about, and later as they burn to the ground. Plus, towns evolve as buildings are added, creating roads, flattening the terrain and cycling different looks to keep the towns varied. 041b061a72

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