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Queen of Spades: The Ultimate House Album by Iggy Smallz - Download Now

Shortly before the premiere, Sofia cashes her last check secretly from Oleg and for some reason meets David. Andrei worries that he will not be able to win money before the premiere, but on the day of the premiere they give him the necessary 300 thousand dollars for him. Andrei leaves the rehearsal in the casino and makes a bet on the ace, but loses: instead of an ace, a queen of spades turns out to be on the left. He returns to the theater, the opera begins which takes place with triumph. During the break, Andrei tells Sofia in the dressing room about his loss and asks her to help him, but she says that she no longer has money. Andrei strangles Sofia, not paying attention to her words that he played using her money. After singing the last aria, Andrei breaks a glass and cuts his neck with the sharp edge. Sofia comes to her senses and together with Lisa receives an ovation from the enthusiastic audience.

queen of spades house album download

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