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Nimin Save Editor

The save file can be found in the Flash Player Shared Objects Folder under the domain which hosted the game. The location varies based on operating system. To find more information on this, look here.

Nimin Save Editor


Warning: If playing off a downloaded file, moving the file will reset your save game (as it will be looking in the wrong location). You can, however, track the save file down and move it to the appropriate location:

Currently the only viable ways to edit the file is via a hex editor and a program called .minerva from Course Vector. Most other .sol editors don't like the file for some reason or another. If you find other options, please message me or add it here.

This is a comprehensive list (all 151 variable are listed here - if slightly out of order). With the exception of a little shuffling, the order is primarily how the program pulls the data from the save file. Functionally the variables coordinate with each other, even if there is a jump in numbers, so I left it alone.

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