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Omega A Journey Through Timel

The X Lives of Wolverine series has refused to let up on the action. In one of the most intense Marvel arcs ever, Mikhail Rasputin sent Omega Red on a journey through time and space to eradicate Professor X and his ancestors from existence. With the help of both Xavier and Jean Grey -- the people he arguably trusts the most -- Wolverine surrendered his body in the present time to chase Omega Red and protect his father figure's life. In order to succeed, Wolverine found himself inhabiting his old bodies, re-living old memories but engaging in new battles with stakes higher than he ever imagined.

Omega A Journey Through Timel

The audience has been given glimpses of Logan's softer side before, mostly in the midst of the goriest of moments. Throughout X Lives of Wolverine, he's been motivated by his need to protect his loved ones, particularly his father figure Charles Xavier and his ancestors. His warm feelings towards Jean Grey are equally strong and work in tandem with Professor X's efforts to aid Wolverine in his travel through time and space. Though Wolverine has no problems putting his own past self in danger, he's determined to ensure the survival of the Xavier line and bring down Omega Red. Of course, the loss of Logan's mind wasn't the only consequence of the time travel, nor was it Rasputin's only plan. The ending stinger of X Lives of Wolverine #5, with Wolverine's infected self from another dark timeline attacking Krakoa, is a dramatic note to end on. It also leaves plenty for the true finale of this series, X Deaths of Wolverine, to explore as both Wolverine and the X-Men deal with the consequences.

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