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R2R and deepstatus Present: u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS - The Ultimate Freebie for Music Producers

How to Get u-he Plugins Pack for Free: A Christmas Gift from R2R and deepstatus

If you are a music producer, you probably know about u-he, one of the leading developers of software synthesizers and effects. u-he offers a range of high-quality plugins that emulate classic analogue synths, modular systems, and modern digital sound design tools. Whether you need warm pads, fat basses, punchy drums, or cutting-edge leads, u-he has a plugin for you.

But what if we told you that you can get all six of u-he's award-winning synthesizer plugins in a single pack for free? Yes, you heard that right. Thanks to R2R and deepstatus, two trusted sources of software downloads and reviews, you can download u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS for free and enjoy the amazing sounds of ACE, Bazille, Diva, Hive 2, Repro, and Zebra Legacy.

What is u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS?

u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS is a special bundle that contains all six of u-he's synthesizer plugins, plus some bonus soundsets and presets. This bundle is exclusive to R2R and deepstatus, and only available for a limited time only. It's their way of saying thank you to their loyal followers and spreading some holiday cheer.

u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS - R2R [deepstatus]

Here's what you get in the pack:

  • ACE: A powerful introduction to modular virtual analogue synthesis. ACE lets you create complex patches with ease, using its intuitive interface and flexible modulation options. ACE can produce anything from classic analogue sounds to modern digital timbres.

  • Bazille: A monster modular system that combines digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and effects. Bazille is capable of producing rich and organic sounds, as well as complex and chaotic noises. Bazille is a playground for sound designers who love to experiment.

  • Diva: A stunning analogue sound modelled on classic synths. Diva emulates the behaviour and characteristics of various vintage hardware components, giving you authentic and warm sounds. Diva can recreate the sounds of legendary synths like the Minimoog, Jupiter-8, Juno-60, and more.

  • Hive 2: A sleek, streamlined, fast synth that delivers high-quality sounds without compromising CPU performance. Hive 2 is designed for modern electronic music production, with a user-friendly interface and versatile features. Hive 2 can produce anything from punchy basses to soaring leads.

  • Repro: A reverent emulation of two classic analogue synths: the Pro-One monosynth and the Prophet-5 polysynth. Repro captures the raw and vintage sound of these iconic instruments, with added enhancements and effects. Repro can produce warm and fat sounds that are perfect for retro and synthwave genres.

  • Zebra Legacy: An updated version of Zebra2/ZebraHZ plus all the paid Zebra2 soundsets from u-he. Zebra Legacy is a modular synth that can create any sound you can imagine, from analogue to digital, from simple to complex. Zebra Legacy also includes The Dark Zebra soundset, which was created for Hans Zimmer's score for The Dark Knight Rises.

In addition to these plugins, you also get some bonus soundsets and presets from various sound designers, such as Monochrome (for Hive 2), Kling Klong (for Hive 2), Kinesis (for Hive 2), The Dark Zebra (for Zebra Legacy), and more.

How to Download for Free?

If you want to get u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS for free, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to R2R or deepstatus website and find the u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS offer.

  • Click on the download button and follow the instructions to install the pack.

  • Enjoy your free u-he Plugins Pack MERRY XMAS and make some awesome music with it.

This offer is valid until December 25th, so hurry up and get your free plugins today!

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