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Negative Odds in Football Betting and Unexplored Aspects

Football betting is a form of entertainment for those who enjoy risk-taking and want to quickly accumulate wealth through sports betting. When engaging in football betting, in addition to understanding the basic odds when placing bets on online football betting good betting site, players should also grasp how to calculate winnings and losses for each type of betting odds to ensure their own benefits. Fundamentally, there are only two types of odds: negative odds and positive odds, with no 0 involved. Bookmakers set these odds differently for each match. In this article, Wintips latest betting site will share some unknown aspects of negative odds and guide you on how to calculate money when betting on football using negative odds.

What are negative odds?

Negative odds or minus odds (-) represent the amount of money lost in a betting scenario. If your bet loses, you will receive an amount equal to your stake multiplied by the chosen negative odds, which represents the amount lost. Conversely, if your bet wins, the amount won is equal to the stake you placed.

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Negative odds only appear in Malaysian odds (MY odds), Indonesian odds (Indo odds), and American odds (US odds), and are never present in Hong Kong odds (HK odds) and European odds (DEC odds).

How to calculate money with negative odds

When choosing to bet with negative odds, it is essential to understand how to calculate the money involved. Compared to calculating other types of common Asian handicap bets, negative odds have a slightly different calculation. Here is how to calculate negative odds in football betting that everyone should understand when participating in soccer betting.

Malaysian Odds are negative

Negative odds in Malaysian odds add an interesting aspect, meaning that if you win, you win big, and if you lose, you lose less. To explain this, let's consider a very simple formula:

Amount won (=) Stake (+) |Stake (x) Malay odds

Amount lost to be paid (=) Stake (x) Malay Odds

US Odds (American) are negative

The calculation of winnings for this type of odds depends on Hong Kong Odds. If 0 < Hong Kong Odds < 1.00, then US Odds = (-1/Hong Kong Odds)

For example: If Hong Kong Odds = 0.80, then US Odds = -1/0.80 = -1.25. To make it easier to understand, let's assume you placed a bet of 100k on this odds, and the calculation is as follows:

Amount won (=) |Stake (+) (-1/US odds) = 100k (x) 0.85 )=) 85k.

Amount lost to be paid (=) Stake (+) US Odds (=) 100k (x) 1.25 (=) 125k.

Indonesian Odds are negative

Many people favor negative Indonesian odds, also known as "safe and durable" bets. To calculate Indonesian negative odds, apply the following formula:

Amount won (=) Stake (x) Indo Odds

Amount lost to be paid (=) Bet amount / Indo Odds

Key experiences for playing with negative odds

Similar to other types of football bets, players need to grasp experiences and basic strategies for the type of bet they want to invest in to win. Here are some key experiences when playing with negative odds that players need to know and understand.

Check odds at different reputable bookmakers

Especially when betting on significant matches, you should refer to and monitor odds at various reputable bookmakers to select the most advantageous odds with the highest winning rate. Always observe and update any small changes in odds fluctuations during the match. This way, you won't miss out on lucrative odds and opportunities for big wins.

In addition to favorable odds, consider factors such as the bookmaker's license, transaction processing time for depositing and withdrawing funds, and the time it takes to settle bets.

Live monitoring of match dynamics

When betting on football, note that the team given the handicap is always the higher-rated team on the betting board and typically has a better ranking in the relevant tournament. As the match approaches, the handicap odds tend to fluctuate more.

In cases where the odds are higher, such as (0-73), it is easier to lose the bet, but if you lose, the amount lost will be less. On the other hand, if the negative odds are low, like (-90) or (-95), although the potential loss is higher, the winning rate for this bet is also high.

To closely follow the match, monitor changes in the handicap odds between the two teams to make the most informed decision.

Participate in betting forums

Football betting has various strategies and ways to analyze odds, so what works in one situation may not work in another. Therefore, those with less experience should join online football betting forums, fan pages, and sports commentary groups where players with different levels of expertise gather. Don't miss the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences in choosing odds and bookmakers from experienced long-term players and highly rated members in the forum.

With the information shared in this article by the betting site new Wintips, you should now have a better understanding of what negative odds are and how to calculate winnings and losses when betting with negative odds. Hopefully, this article helps you gain a clearer insight into the unknown aspects of participating in negative odds betting. May this information contribute to your confidence in betting and lead to profitable outcomes. Good luck!

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