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Windows Subsystem For Linux Backup Restore WORK

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) allows you to create a backup (export) of your Linux distributions so you can restore (import) them in a new setup of Windows 11 or Windows 10, another computer, or when you want to share the distro with other people.

Windows Subsystem for Linux | Backup restore

First you have to enable Window Subsystem for linux from Turn Windows Features on or off (If you are not restoring the backup to same Windows Machine). This will ask you to restart your Windows Machine.

Nobody can deny the importance of backup & restore process for any environment. Specially, when multi-steps are involved in setup and configuration and we keep modifying the environment with time. Basically, if anything goes wrong for any reason, we don't want to end up wasting time by setting up the same environment from scratch. We should be able to start from the step it failed. In this article, we'll see the process to take backup of environment running on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and restore using the same backup.

I found a way to avoid to prompt ssh passphrase after each boot. It is based on windows credential. Please give a look here: @glsorre/windows-subsystem-for-linux-never-prompt-your-ssh-passphrase-again-353db7c931ab

Identity store: You can only restore from a backup that has the same type of identity store as the running server.For example, a backup from a server using local authentication can be restored to a Tableau Server initialized with local authentication, but a backup from a server using Active Directory authentication cannot be restored to a server initialized with local authentication. To change the identity store from a local identity store to an external identity store, see Changing the Identity Store .

Clean installation of Tableau Server for Linux: When you install Tableau Server on Linux later in this topic, be sure to use the same identity store type as you are using on Windows, and do not create users or content. When you restore the Windows backup file to the Linux deployment of Tableau Server, all user data and content will be replaced from the Windows back up file.

Once you've installed Tableau Server on Linux and restored your Windows backup, you can test the new version of Tableau Server. Because the restore process only restores content to Tableau, you may need to update configuration, topology (adding additional nodes for example), and any customizations you have on your Windows installation.

When you have completed testing and have identified those areas that require additional changes on your part, or communication to your users, you are ready to install Tableau Server on Linux in your production environment and restore the Windows backup. To do this, follow the same steps described above.

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