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What are fraudulent football tips? Compilation of ways to identify fraudulent football tips.

If you've ever played or looked into football betting, you've probably heard of football tips. But do you really understand what tips are? Especially for those new to the game, it can be difficult to grasp. Not to mention the various tricks many bookmakers use to gain advantage. Therefore, today's article from the odds analysis website - Wintips will help you understand today football tips and prediction more about fraudulent football tips and how to recognize them.

Understanding football tips

For newcomers to betting, they may still be uncertain when it comes to choosing odds for placing bets. Therefore, they often rely on analyses provided by experts. In football betting, these analyses are referred to as tips. To understand football tips more specifically, don't miss this article.

What are football tips?

To identify whether football tips are reliable or fraudulent, you need to understand what football tips are. Football tips, in simple terms, are compilations of information and evaluations about football matches. At the same time, they provide objective information about upcoming matches. Accurate predictions about betting odds will be included in these tips. In simpler terms, football tips are the rewards provided by providers to players.

Classification of football tips

Just like in other professions, good work is rewarded with tips. The same goes for football betting. If you make good evaluations, you'll be rewarded with tips; otherwise, you won't. In today's football betting market, football tips are divided into three types:

1×2 Tip: Also known as European Handicap Tips, as they originate from Western countries. This is considered one of the simplest types of football tips in today's betting market. And for many newcomers to the market, this type of tip is often chosen. While the probability with this type of tip is not high, the potential profit can still be acceptable (around 11.9%).

Handicap Tip: This is the Asian Handicap type, where the handicap odds are formatted based on statistics. Because this type of odds is quite complex, it requires players to have a good grasp of information about the odds and how to play them.

Over Under Football Tips: Players bet on the total number of goals, cards, etc., in the official 90-minute playing time. With this tip, players don't need to worry about which team wins or loses. Bookmakers often analyze and predict the number of goals in a match before it takes place. Players can then make decisions based on this analysis.

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What are scam football tips?

For many new players, they always want to use tips for betting because it helps to quickly and accurately predict outcomes. And also because there is a lot of interest in tips nowadays. That's why many websites have impersonated as scam tips to sell to players.

Scam football tips are inaccurate prediction information provided to customers. The purpose is only to deceive players, making them confused. Nowadays, there are many websites and forums on the internet providing various types of tips, including numerous scam tips. When choosing this method to play, you need to prepare yourself mentally, not rush. Because this is a game of probability, you can win big but also lose a lot.

To identify scam football tips, there are many ways, each bookmaker will have different tricks. Let's follow the next section to find out more detailed information.

Aggregated methods to identify scam football tips

Below are ways to identify scam football tips compiled by Wintips.

The most recognizable scam is when bookmakers promise maximum winning odds. If a bookmaker promises you as the winner for sure, then who will be the loser? It's illogical for such commitments from this bookmaker.

In promotional programs, bookmakers often urge players. If a bookmaker truly organizes a promotional program, it will last for a long period, not necessarily every hour or every day.

Websites selling football tips do not provide contact information or contact address.

Operating license is also one of the important factors. If there is no operating license, the tips provided will not be guaranteed to be safe.

Selling at a high price is also a sign to identify scam football tips. Currently, the price for buying tips ranges from 15 to 25 million VND/tip. However, with this method in Vietnam, very few players are willing to spend such a large amount of money to buy tips.

Similar to addresses, with scam sites, they do not use phone numbers for contact. Or they may use virtual phone numbers for contact, making it very difficult to identify.

They may also only sell tricks without providing other football-related content. In this case, they often use free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo...

Methods to check the reliability of football tips websites

Wintips will provide you with some ways to check the reliability and quality of football tips for sale.

All procedures for buying and selling betting tips vip app are clear. The amount of money to be refunded to players when losing a match or how much profit will be collected needs to be clearly stated.

Domain name operating for many years. You just need to access sites with domain check functions. This is quite simple so you can check the domain name of the site yourself.

Professional customer care and support team.

For tip selling, the seller will not sell individually but will sell in tip packages.

There is no regulation on profit percentage, meaning there is no commitment to 100% winning.

Because of the nature of money, many bookmakers use tricks to scam players. The above is a collection of all experiences in predicting odds and related information about scam tips and how to identify scam tips from the football prediction site - Wintips. Hopefully, this information can help you avoid the scam tips of bookmakers setting traps. Be cautious, or you may lose a lot of money in the process of finding fixed matches.

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