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Future - Low Life (INSANE BASS BOOST)

Ah yes, the metaverse - the supposed future of our digital world. While this new virtual land hasn't exactly begun successfully, many tech leaders are still very much of the view that we'll soon be plugged in, enjoying our own digital house, job and life.

Future - Low Life (INSANE BASS BOOST)


The best headphones from Beats, Studio3, have the typical Beats sound signature, including boosted bass. They also come with active noise cancellation (Pure ANC) to block the outside noise.

For the price range, the sound profile is good, with a great, well-balanced frequency response range and a fairly open soundstage. The bass boost is subtle but enjoyable for heavier music.

The overall emphasis is on the excellent bass response, but the other regions are boosted, as well. After applying custom EQ in the app, they become more natural, smooth, and free of sibilance.

If you're less concerned about extra features like ANC and app support, the Sony WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS Wireless are a great budget-friendly option with a bass-boosted sound profile. Their sound packs a good amount of rumble and punch without overpowering vocals and lead instruments. However, since they don't have an app, they don't have features like an EQ or presets that you could use to adjust the sound to suit you, unlike the Anker Soundcore Space A40 Truly Wireless and the rest of the pricier options listed here.

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