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Cheerleader Ninjas Download ((FULL)) Di Film Mp4

Now this one was pretty insulting, though, honestly, going into a movie called Ninja Cheerleaders you know what you're getting into. Still, the description on the On Demand channel was hard to resist: three college girls are cheerleaders and students by day, but by night they are either ninjas or strippers. Depends on the night. Both of those professions, however, have the same employer, the girls' karate instructor Hiroshi, played by none other than George Takei. Kind of creepy, as the implication is that Sulu has been training these girls in the martial arts since they were children, and then later employed them at his strip club (so they can raise the money to go from their community college to Brown). The action is laughably awful. Most of the acting is actually better than one would expect. The three leads, Trishelle Cannatella, Ginny Weirick and Maitland McConnell are never going to win an Oscar, but they're acting is far above porn star acting. And at least they're attractive. The biggest bummer here is that the three cuties never show their breasts. They get down to lingerie. So as not to tease the audience too much, director Presley throws in some fancy wipes to real strippers for no particular reason as the scenes transition. This is most definitely schlock, but it kind of reminded me of the good old days of late night HBO or USA Up-All-Nite.

Cheerleader Ninjas download di film mp4

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NINJA CHEERLEADERS is just that, a film featuring a trio of cheerleaders who have learned martial arts from their teacher, who happens to own a strip joint they dance in! Nope, they never get naked(..these three do look great in lingerie, but their title as strippers isn't accurate), maybe because the actresses involved weren't interested in showing their naked bodies. Why make them strippers then? Why can they not just be ninja cheerleaders? I think it should be a golden rule that if you are a character that strips, nakedness is a necessity..if not, don't be written as a stripper. Not too hard, I think. Anyway, the three actresses seem to be having a hell of a good time in their roles as sexy students(..they obviously revel in their sex appeal)who can kick the asses of all males who look at them as merely chicks to eliminate.Trishelle Cannatella, Ginny Weirick, and Maitland McConnell are the cheerleaders who must rescue their master, George Takei, who has been kidnapped by mobster Michael Paré. Paré wants the strip joint back from Takei, an establishment he lost to the IRS. That's pretty much it. The girls take out whoever is necessary to find their master. Paré sends out the goons to stop them. Director David Presley shoots the fight scenes in ways to avoid actually showing his girls in combat through clever editing or ninja costumes. But, Presley seems more concerned with his alluring three leads, shooting them in ways to express their desirable qualities for the viewing audience..for instance, you get a lot of slow motion as they walk. They are babes who look delectable in cheerleading uniforms, tight jeans or skirts, and in "stripper wear", so Presley highlights their qualities. The film often, from chapter to chapter, features "breaks", a ninja fighting technique, a nude female stripper's tits, moving to the next portion of the story. The film's dialogue is completely tongue-in-cheek and the premise is basic fluff for the males to salivate over. We get our honeys and violence, nothing more or less..the demographic this is geared towards is obvious. Larry Poindexter is a detective, nipping at the girls' heels and Natasha Chang is Paré's hired ninja assassin.

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