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What's New in Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1? A Review of the Latest Features and Improvements

How to Boost Your Productivity with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1

If you are looking for a way to save time and effort on your writing projects, you might want to check out Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1, a powerful and easy-to-use text expansion app for Mac. Rocket Typist Pro allows you to create snippets of text that you can insert into any application with a simple abbreviation or a keyboard shortcut. You can use it for commonly repeated phrases, signatures, dates, addresses, code snippets, and more.

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1

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What is Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1?

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 is the latest version of the popular text expander app developed by Witt Software. It is a modern Mac application created with simplicity in mind. It has a sleek and intuitive interface that lets you organize your snippets into categories and subcategories. You can also sync your snippets across all your devices using iCloud.

How does Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 work?

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 works by expanding abbreviations into snippets of text that you have predefined in the app. For example, you can create a snippet for your email signature and assign it an abbreviation like "sig". Then, whenever you type "sig" in any application, Rocket Typist Pro will replace it with your full signature automatically.

You can also use macros to make your snippets more dynamic and context-sensitive. For example, you can use the %date% macro to insert the current date in any format you want, or the %clipboard% macro to insert the content of your clipboard into your snippet.

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 also supports rich text snippets, which means you can use formatting, images, links, and colors in your snippets. This is especially useful for creating professional-looking signatures, support replies, or code snippets.

Why should you use Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1?

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 can help you boost your productivity and efficiency by reducing the amount of typing you have to do every day. According to Witt Software, users around the world have saved over 471 days of typing since 2019. Here are some of the benefits of using Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1:

  • You can save time and avoid typos by typing less and using abbreviations instead.

  • You can improve your consistency and accuracy by using standardized snippets for common phrases or terms.

  • You can customize your snippets to suit your needs and preferences by using macros and rich text.

  • You can access your snippets from any application with a simple keystroke or from your Mac's Touch Bar.

  • You can keep your snippets updated and synced across all your devices using iCloud.

What do users say about Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1?

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 has received positive feedback from many users who have tried it and found it useful for their writing needs. Here are some of the reviews from the Witt Software website and the Setapp platform:

"Great app saves loads of time if you need response to lots of emails that need slightly different responses, saves lots of time saving you the Rocket Typist fee within the first day of use."

"I love this little app, I installed it basically for one task but Rocket Typist Pro is a very powerful tool and so much more useful than I expected!"

"Since I've tried this utility, it became my go to every day, Rocket Typist increases my productivity while typing and saved me a lot of time, always updated and highly recommend to anyone who writes a lot. Create your snippets, macros and abbreviations and they are all available when I need. Very convenient and clean interface."

However, not all users are satisfied with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1. Some users have reported issues with the app's compatibility with macOS Monterey, its user interface, and its customer support. Here are some of the negative reviews from the MacUpdate website:

"Rocket typist app is a crashing mess and iCloud sync is a joke. More importantly, this developer obviously doesnt give a rats behind about his paying customers and simply ignores them."

"The idea is great, but unfortunately the UX doesn't work seamlessly on my mac running Ventura. e.g. I am unable to search using hotkeys, and escape out of the screen if I change my mind. I searched around and found another option instead."

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How to compare Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 with other text expanders?

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 is not the only text expander app available for Mac users. There are several other alternatives that offer similar or different features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular text expanders and how they compare with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1:






Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1

$9.99 one-time fee or included with Setapp subscription

- Plain or rich text snippets- Macros and Touch Bar support- iCloud sync- Export and import snippets

- Modern and simple interface- Affordable and no subscription required- Works with any application

- Some compatibility issues with macOS Monterey- Limited customer support- No advanced features like scripting or clipboard history


Free and open source

- Plain text snippets- Macros and scripting support- Configurable and portable- Works offline

- Powerful and flexible- No cost and no ads- Cross-platform and community-driven

- No rich text snippets or images- No sync or backup options- Console-based and steep learning curve

Keyboard Maestro

$39.73 one-time fee

- Plain or rich text snippets- Macros, scripting, and clipboard history support- Keyboard shortcuts and custom actions- Works with any application

- Robust and versatile- One-time payment and lifetime updates- Integrates with other automation tools

- Expensive and no trial version- Complex and overwhelming interface- No sync or cloud options


$3.33 per month or $39.96 per year per user

- Plain or rich text snippets- Macros, scripting, and clipboard history support- Sync and backup options- Team sharing and statistics features

- Reliable and consistent- Cloud-based and cross-platform- Suitable for business and professional use

- Subscription-based and pricey- Requires internet connection- Privacy concerns due to cloud storage


$19.99 one-time fee or included with Setapp subscription

- Plain or rich text snippets- Macros and Touch Bar support- iCloud sync- Export and import snippets

- Simple and user-friendly- Affordable and no subscription required- Works with any application

- No scripting or clipboard history support- No keyboard shortcuts or custom actions- No cross-platform compatibility

How to get started with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1?

If you are ready to give Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 a try, here are some simple steps to get you started:

  • Download and install Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 from the Witt Software website or the Setapp platform.

  • Launch the app and create your first snippet by clicking on the + button at the bottom left corner of the app window.

  • Enter a name for your snippet, an abbreviation to trigger it, and the text you want to expand in the fields provided.

  • Optionally, you can add macros, formatting, images, or links to your snippet using the toolbar above the text field.

  • Save your snippet and assign it to a category or subcategory if you wish.

  • Repeat steps 2-5 to create more snippets as needed.

  • To use your snippets, simply type the abbreviation in any application and press the spacebar or enter key to expand it.

  • To access your snippets from the Touch Bar, tap on the Rocket Typist icon and select the snippet you want to insert.

Congratulations! You have successfully created and used your first snippets with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1. You can now enjoy typing faster and more accurately with this handy app.

How to troubleshoot Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1?

If you encounter any problems or issues with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1, here are some tips to help you resolve them:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 installed on your Mac. You can check for updates from the app's menu bar icon or from the app's preferences.

  • Make sure you have granted Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 the necessary permissions to access your keyboard and other apps. You can do this from the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and Input Monitoring sections.

  • Make sure you have not assigned the same abbreviation to more than one snippet. This can cause conflicts and prevent your snippets from expanding correctly.

  • Make sure you have not enabled any other text expander apps or keyboard shortcuts that might interfere with Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1.

  • If you are using iCloud sync, make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your iCloud account.

  • If you are using the Touch Bar, make sure you have enabled Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.1 in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Customize Touch Bar section.

If none of the above tips work, you can contact the Witt Software support team via email at or via their website at https://witt

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