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Batman Arkham City Encrypted File: The Ultimate Guide to Get the Password

When I just got a RAR file from a friend, and prepared to extract it to see the content in RAR archive, I found it asked for a password to extract. If I have gotten RAR password from friend, the problem would be easy. But if both of us don't know or forget encrypted RAR file password, what shoud we do? Now we can talk this problem in two situations and find solutions to extract encrypted RAR file when there is password or not.

Batman Arkham City Password For Encrypted File

If RAR file is encrypted by your friend, probably he/she has the archive password. You can try to ask your friend for rar file password and then use it to extract encrypted rar file with password in compression software like WinRAR.

Step 1: When WinRAR is the only compression software on your computer, right click the encrypted rar file and click Extract files. Or run WinRAR and navigate to directory where encrypted RAR file is saved. Select RAR file and click Extract to.

However, there is a possibility that encrypted RAR file password is forgotten or lost and there is no password backup. When this happens unfortunately, please go on to see the situation 2 which is about how to extract encrypted RAR file without password.

When there is no RAR password, RAR file password recovery would be required first, so we can use recovered password to extract password protected RAR archive. If you don't know which third-party tool could really help you now, just take RAR Password Genius and follow the steps below to easily and effectively recover RAR file password and extract RAR file.

Step 8: In Extraction path and options window, under General option, select or create a location in Destination path to save archive file you prepare to extract. Click OK and a new dialog appears and asks for RAR archive password.

As you see, no matter we have password to open RAR file or not, we can extract encrypted RAR file with the methods above. But it is still necessary to save RAR file password in a safe place, so we can use it when we need.

Zero Day Piracy Protection (ZDPP) was an additional DRM check used to prevent pre-release access to games through their retail copies. It relied on an online service to decrypt critical AES-128 encrypted game files that were stored on the disc. When the user tried to launch the game after its installation had completed the Zero Day Piracy Protection Tool would be launched instead. This tool connected and transmitted the ID of the protected game to Microsoft's online ZDP service hosted here. The online service would then look up the release date for the requested game ID and validate if the date have passed. Upon confirming the release date as passed, the service would respond with the decryption keys for the relevant files which allowed the local tool to decrypt them and grant user access to the game.

Arkham is a pretty difficult box for being ranked as medium. The toughest part is achieving access to the system via a Java deserialization vulnerability where the vulnerable object should be encrypted to make it work. Then, escalate privileges is quite easy, just find another user's password who is allowed to access the entire filesystem.

We're going to brute force the password, but throwing the entire rockyou.txt would take too much, so we can create a subset of it with only the passwords which contain batman, as the box name is batman's city.

The wiiU Nintendo Update Server format is basically a folder of different files such as .app, .h3 etc. These are all encrypted files. If you buy a game from the Nintendo eShop it is downloaded in this format.You can also convert a disc game to this format using a tool such as Disc Extractor.

App files contain the actual game data, encrypted and split into sections. To decrypt the content you need the title.tmd which stores the meta data for each .app and the title key for decryption (found in the ticket). With this data you can use a AES decrypter pass in the title key and you should be able to extract all the .app files 1.

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