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Иван Перович

Ransom My Heart Read Online Free [UPD] Download


Ransom My Heart Read Online Free [UPD] Download

When beautiful, spirited Finnula Crais kidnaps the dashing knight Hugh Fitzstephen, she has no idea that she's ensnared the new Earl of Stephensgate on his way home from the Crusades. Nor does she realise that Hugh is quite happy to be kidnapped by an enchanting tomboy, and will do anything it takes to avoid being rescued. With Finnula determined to hold Hugh to ransom, and Hugh equally determined to steal Finnula's heart, it isn't long before the fireworks start! And just when it looks as if there might be a happy ending, disaster strikes. When an attempt is made on the new Earl's life, there is only one suspect - and even if he loves her dearly, Hugh can't let her get away with it . . .

Then, like a noise from a different world, came the opening of the doorand the sound of boots on the doormat, and I saw, silhouetted againstthe greyness of the night in the open doorway, a figure which Irecognised as Ransom. The speaking which was not a voice came again outof the rod of light: and Ransom, instead of moving, stood still andanswered it. Both speeches were in a strange polysyllabic language whichI had not heard before. I make no attempt to excuse the feelings whichawoke in me when I heard the unhuman sound addressing my friend and myfriend answering it in the unhuman language. They are, in fact,inexcusable; but if you think they are improbable at such a juncture, Imust tell you plainly that you have read neither history nor your ownheart to much effect. They were feelings of resentment, horror, andjealousy. It was in my mind to shout out, "Leave your familiar alone,you damned magician, and attend to Me."

Words are slow. You must not lose sight of the fact that his whole lifeon Venus up till now had lasted less than five minutes. He was not inthe least tired, and not yet seriously alarmed as to his power ofsurviving in such a world. He had confidence in those who had sent himthere, and for the meantime the coolness of the water and the freedom ofhis limbs were still a novelty and a delight; but more than all thesewas something else at which I have already hinted and which can hardlybe put into words--the strange sense of excessive pleasure which seemedsomehow to be communicated to him through all his senses at once. I usethe word "excessive" because Ransom himself could only describe it bysaying that for his first few days on Perelandra he was haunted, not bya feeling of guilt, but by surprise that he had no such feeling. Therewas an exuberance or prodigality of sweetness about the mere act ofliving which our race finds it difficult not to associate with forbiddenand extravagant actions. Yet it is a violent world too. Hardly had helost sight of the floating object when his eyes were stabbed by anunendurable light. A grading, blue-to-violet illumination made thegolden sky seem dark by comparison and in a moment of time revealed moreof the new planet than he had yet seen. He saw the waste of waves spreadillimitably before him, and far, far away, at the very end of the world,against the sky, a single smooth column of ghastly green standing up,the one thing fixed and vertical in this universe of shifting slopes.Then the rich twilight rushed back (now seeming almost darkness) and heheard thunder. But it has a different timbre from terrestrial thunder,more resonance, and even, when distant, a kind of tinkling. It is thelaugh, rather than the roar, of heaven. Another flash followed, andanother, and then the storm was all about him. Enormous purple cloudscame driving between him and the golden sky, and with no preliminarydrops a rain such as he had never experienced began to fall. There wereno lines in it; the water above him seemed only less continuous than thesea, and he found it difficult to breathe. The flashes were incessant.In between them, when he looked in any direction except that of theclouds, he saw a completely changed world. It was like being at thecentre of a rainbow,

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