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Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards

How to Modify NFS World with NFS World Trainer 1.2.9 11

at the time, guidry was working as a trainer at sunset zone at busch gardens in tampa. she had spent most of her time at gulf world with chopper and the others, and knew the park well. but even though the new seaworld facility wasnt even open, she was given only a month to pack up and move. and when she arrived at miami, guidry found that the place was a shambles. it was in the middle of a renovation and had only been partially completed. and it was far from the nicest facility she had ever been in. guidry had no time to get used to the place, because she was given two weeks to prepare for a four-week transition period in which she and her fellow trainers had to work with the dolphins in their new quarters. most of the trainers and dolphins were very agitated and unhappy. a few dolphins were particularly vocal and aggressive. one young female, named sara, spent most of her time by herself. guidry never did learn the reason for sara being there, and neither did anyone else. when a few weeks passed and guidry started to question the move, she was told that it wasnt a move, just a change in quarters. and there were no plans to move any of the dolphins.

nfs world trainer 1.2.9 11

since most of the facilities in the u.s. are owned by outside corporations, all marine parks and aquariums are monitored by the u. association of zoos and aquariums (aza), which sets standards for how animals are treated in captivity. guidry wasnt a member of the aza, but she was familiar with its standards, and knew that aza inspectors did on-site visits and reviews of facilities. she was especially familiar with aza requirements that dolphins must be moved to show off their abilities and behaviors when handled by trainers, so that they can be assessed for their behaviors, health, and attitudes toward captivity.

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