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Buy Surface Pro Pen

Microsoft has really dropped the ball with it's hardware division ever since the Surface 3. When they first announced the surface line, I was really excited to finally see a useful form of the iPad that I'd always dreamed of. With Surface 1 and 2, with WACOM EMR digitizers, there was always hope of future improvement. As time went on, they just keep falling behind over and over.Surface machines often have Worse firmware support and driver updates than OEMs, which is amazing considering Microsoft has it in-house. Look up threads on the screen cracking failures, wifi issues (from the old terrible wifi chips they used), windows update fails, and on and on. Port selection use to be great, with potential for some really interesting GPU connectivity when the Surface Book came out with the keyboard connectors, but Microsoft never did anything with it. Nowadays they continue to refuse USB4/Thunderbolt 3 integration, because 'security' reasons.

buy surface pro pen

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So what do you recommend instead? I am just looking for a small, fast 2 in one that I can keep by my bed side to work on when I am too lazy to go upstairs to my office. (I run photoshop, video editing and other web based apps) I just bought the surface pro 7 with the i7 processor. The keyboards are currently out of stock and I am still within the return window.

I agree with everything you have said. I REGRET having purchased the surface pro 7. It is the greatest disappointment. I had a simple Samsung tablet before for 3/4 the price of the surface pro 7 and it performed 100% better. I won't recommend it, not even to my worst enemy. Horrible product!

Besides that, the texture of the drawing surface is another awesome feature to mention. With 8192 pen pressure sensitivity and around 60 degrees tilt support, you can create any 2D and even 3D drawings.

The surface of the tablet has a moderate amount of friction, mimicking how it feels when you draw on paper. This model also has wireless Bluetooth capabilities, which helps keep the area around your desk less cluttered, even if the tablet itself is large.

The iPad Pro is bigger than the iPad Air, but still a good portable size for using it around the house or in a cafe. It has a large screen for a tablet that gives a nice, big drawing surface. The specs of the iPad Pro are good enough to be used in professional settings. There are professional illustrators and manga artists who create works only with iPad Pro. 041b061a72

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