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Asher Wright
Asher Wright

The Death Stranding-themed PS4 Pro Is Just 330 €? With A Weird, Unique Controller

ArmitageV: Ah, yes. Dark Souls. The "hard game". Believe it or not, Dark Souls was the first 3D video game I ever played. And also the first one I played using a controller. I played it without being aware of its overblown reputation of being unfair and brutally hard and downright sadistic. Which is why, to me, Dark Souls always just felt like a hardened teacher. Strict, demanding, punishing, but fair. Always fair. Every time you don't respect the game world enough, the game kills you. But why I love this game so much is because it never mocks you for your mistakes. It looks you straight in the eye and just blankly says, "You failed, huh? That was bound to happen. You were getting arrogant. You were meant to fall because you weren't trying your best. But you know what went wrong. So now... get back up."

The Death Stranding-themed PS4 Pro is just 330 – with a weird, unique controller

@Medic_Alert I will stick at it...I really want to enjoy it....but as you said it does feel quite outdated...I guess with all the hype I was cautiously hoping for more....but it just doesn't seem like it's anything unique this just a case of a overhyped ps exclusive?

@Teksetter Thank you. I still have my original ColecoVision in my closet along side two Super Action Controllers. Had the original controllers this entire time. Actually haven't gotten it out of the box to play it in many years. Few years back bought a ColecoVision Flashback with about 50 games on it. Seeing that original box fills me with nostalgia every time I see it. Figured it would be a crazy unique, avatar that only the few that remembered the system would get.

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