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Experiencing a flight delay with SAS, seeking guidance on securing a refund. Any advice or steps to follow?

Nov 24, 2023

I understand the frustration that comes with a flight delay, especially when it involves SAS. To help you navigate the situation and potentially secure a refund, here are some practical steps and information: Keep track of the details surrounding your delay. Note the time of the delay, any announcements made by the airline, and any communication you receive. Reach out to SAS's customer service as soon as possible. Provide them with your flight details and inquire about the reasons for the delay. Politely ask about the compensation or refund options available to passengers in such situations. Utilize online platforms that specialize in air passenger rights and compensation, such as These platforms often provide detailed information on airline policies, passenger rights, and step-by-step guides on how to claim compensation. Familiarize yourself with your rights as a passenger, both under SAS's policies and relevant aviation regulations. Different regions may have varying rules, so having a clear understanding of what you are entitled to can strengthen your case.


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