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7G Rainbow Colony Watch Online Hd [CRACKED]

7G Rainbow Colony is a 2004 Indian romantic drama film that explores the theme of one-sided love. The film is written and directed by Selvaraghavan, who is known for his realistic and emotional portrayal of relationships. The film has two versions: a Tamil version titled 7G Rainbow Colony and a Telugu version titled 7G Brindavan Colony. Both versions feature the same cast and crew, with debutant Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal playing the lead roles. The music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who collaborated with Selvaraghavan for the third time. The cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna, who captured the urban slum setting of the film. The film received critical acclaim and commercial success, becoming one of the cult classics of Tamil cinema.[3]

7G Rainbow Colony watch online hd

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The film revolves around the life of Kathir (Ravi Krishna), a carefree and irresponsible youth who lives in a housing colony named 7G Rainbow Colony. He is a constant source of annoyance for his father (Vijayan), who wants him to study well and get a good job. Kathir has no interest in academics or career, and spends his time roaming around with his friends and teasing girls. His life changes when he meets Anitha (Sonia Agarwal), a beautiful and cultured girl who moves into the same colony with her family. Kathir falls in love with Anitha at first sight, but she dislikes him for his rude and immature behaviour.

Kathir tries to woo Anitha by various means, but she rejects him every time. He also faces opposition from Anitha's father (Sudha), who is a strict and orthodox man. Kathir does not give up on his love, and gradually wins Anitha's heart with his sincerity and persistence. He also improves his relationship with his father, who supports his love. However, their romance faces a major setback when Anitha reveals that she is suffering from a terminal illness and has only a few months to live. Kathir is devastated by this news, but decides to make Anitha happy in her remaining days.

He takes her to various places and fulfills her wishes. He also proposes to marry her, but she refuses, saying that she does not want to burden him with her fate. She asks him to move on with his life after her death, and pursue his dreams. Kathir reluctantly agrees, but secretly hopes that she will recover. On the day of her departure to the US for treatment, he bids her farewell with a heavy heart. He promises to wait for her return, and gives her a ring as a token of his love. Anitha leaves with a smile, but dies on the way to the airport. Kathir is shattered by this news, and loses all hope in life. 0efd9a6b88

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