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Anisim Sokolov
Anisim Sokolov

Fascination (Extended Remix)

The lead single in America from Disintegration, "Fascination Street" is a compelling example of the Cure at its considerable best. The single mix shortens the album cut without reducing its roiling dark power, thanks to Gallup's impressive bass work and Smith's increasingly nervous, edgy delivery. As was then the common case with the Cure, a band-created extended remix is also included; while not quite as strong as the full album version, it's still pretty good, starting with a haunting high synth line and slowly building into the track's full energy. The two original B-sides are both fine numbers well suited to the overall Disintegration vibe, especially the quick, unsettling "Babble." Beginning with a collage of found sound noises before fully kicking into a brisk, keyboard-led groove, the song features one of Smith's strongest performances both lyrically and on guitar, rapidly becoming a fan favorite. "Out of Mind," meanwhile, is a slightly slower cut, even queasier and stranger than "Babble" in its mix of descending notes and trippy arrangement.

Fascination (Extended Remix)



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